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Spanish Creative Retreat - July 16th - 21st, 2023

Spanish Creative Retreat - July 16th - 21st, 2023

$ 200.00
To reserve, please pay the non-refundable reservation fee of $200.00.  Once the reservation fee has been paid, a $3,500.00 trip fee which needs to be paid in full by March 1st, 2023 will be emailed.  The payment can be split into multiple deposits or  paid in full. 


This is a creative retreat hosted in an inspiring setting: a former antiques store nestled at the base of a mountain in Soria, Spain.  The sleeping quarters are adjacent to Marquin’s Spanish art studio that overlooks Monte Valonsadero situated on a six acre property.  The grounds offer little gardens featuring roses, different types of indigenous trees, and a rolling lawn that is sure to spark creative intrigue.


We will spend our days taking walks around the countryside, painting and creating at leisure, visiting wonder-filled landmarks, and enjoying long Spanish lunches (these will last about three hours!) Lunches will be served ‘family style’ with lots of different dishes, breads, wines, and delicious desserts.  Our town is known for its obsession with food and you will dine very well during your time here! 


Nightly dinners will be served at the house (the Spanish do not eat until at least 10:00pm and that is too late for American travelers!!) Because lunch will be so robust, dinners will be plentiful, but not large feasts like lunch. 

All food, lodging, transportation to and from Madrid and during your stay in Soria is included in the pricing.  Please come with an open mind ready to receive much inspiration from Spain.   You will leave this retreat filled with creativity! 

You do not have to be an artist to come: during 'creative' time you can enjoy walking around the property, reading a good book, or any other small pleasure.  This is purely a time to unplug, experience a new culture, and be exposed to the creative side of Spain.  

See the House & Grounds in this Video

July 2023 Itinerary: 16th-21st, 2023

Cost, $3,500.00 
Six Days- Five Nights 
 All food, drinks, in-town transportation, and lodging is included in pricing. 
Please note this Itinerary is flexible and may change subject to change: Limited to Ten Guests. 
If guests would like a single or double room, they can procure those at an additional cost.
The sleeping quarters are open and camping style in one large room (with dividers.) 
Like many places in Europe, the lodging does not have Air Conditioner.  Please note this and come prepared. 


12:45 - La Museo Sorolla: tour the collection

2:00 - Lunch

4:30 - Depart for Soria.  Early dinner at 8:00 pm. 



8:00 - Breakfast 

11:00 - Flower Arranging Workshop 

2:00 - Lunch

4:00 - Optional visit in town to see Soria’s famous downtown park, El Parque Almendra, a visit to a favorite store, Armando, (chock full of Spanish and Italian purses, shoes and beautiful European clothes.)  We will visit my favorite pharmacy for European skincare products, visit a favorite store for purchasing local foods and wines, and walk around downtown Soria. 

8:00 - Tapas dinner 


8:00 - Breakfast 

10:00- Visit Canyon Rio Lobos 

2:00 - Lunch

8:30 - Tapas dinner 


8:00 - Breakfast 

10:00 - Visit San Juan de Duero + Monasterio San Sartorio on the Duero.

2:00 - Lunch at Michelin-Starred Restaurant

8:30- Tapas dinner 


8:00 - Breakfast 

10:00 - Visit Leguna Negra, a beautiful glacial lake 

2:00- Lunch 

8:30- Tapas dinner 


8:00 - Breakfast 

Bus will leave for Madrid at 9:00am



Please bring your own art supplies: I recommend watercolors, a brush, and papers. 


Important Details 

You do not have to be an artist to attend this retreat, but you do need to come with a curiosity to explore creatively.  Please arrive with an open and ready to learn attitude.  This is a big adventure and you are going to leave inspired, well fed, and will gain insight into the daily life of small town Spain. 

This package does not include travel insurance or medical insurance with international coverage. 

Please note that the sleeping quarters are in an open 'studio style' room with two downstairs bathrooms. If you would like your own private quarters, you can procure them for an additional cost of $250 for a double shared room or for $450 for a single room. 


Marquin Campbell is an artist and designer who calls Greenville, SC her American home.  She and her family moved to Spain for a year and a half.  While there, she embraced the Spanish culture and way of life. She wants to share her creative experience with curious, adventuresome people. 

She paints, draws, and created from her studio based outside of Soria, Spain.  Marquin is also the Creative Director for Kentwool and co-owns online based art gallery, The Campbell Collective.  She started an art school in Greenville called Vino and van Gogh and has over ten years of teaching experience in the art world.

If you have further questions, please email: 


COVID Details 

All US Vaccinated Travelers may enter into Spain.  Currently, travelers will need to show a proof of vaccination.  No quarantining is necessary to travel in Spain currently.  You will also need to download your Spain QR code for entry.  *This may be subject to change.* 



Spots can not be held.  

No refunds will be allowed, but you may transfer your reservation to another person.  If you need to transfer your spot, you will have to make the arrangements and find the replacement for the transfer. 

Studio as featured in 'In Her Studio Magazine' 

Studio as featured in 'Where Women Create' Magazine 



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