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Wrapping Paper Styling

One of my many past jobs was as the 'Paper Girl' at Kate's Paperie (sadly, now the store is closed) in New York City.  I worked there as a side gig while attending Parsons, The New School for Design, and they gave me the job as the head paper girl because I was in Art School.  (Full disclosure: I have to confess, I really knew nothing about papers at all.) But learn I did, and I have been into papers ever since that crazy gig.  

Earlier this year I produced my first collection of Wrapping Papers, and was thrilled when Interior Designer, Amanda Louise Interiors, reached out to me to use them the Ice Marsh Wrapping Paper for a styling session for her blog
These White Rosettes are a sweet touch for either a Wedding Gift or a Baby Shower Present - Michaels is my absolute go-to for Faux Flowers 
How cute is this Air Plant? Succulents are on trend, don't need water, and are virtually impossible to kill.  My kind of plant, indeed! Shop for them on Mountain Crest Gardens
Love the Tassels: Tassel Depot has just about every single Tassel you could dream up & Etsy also has tons of Tassel Options 
Tassels: You can't go wrong with Tassels. Ever. Hit up your favorite local fabric store for Tassels: they are meant for interior design applications, but really can be used for a bunch of different styling details
All of these photos were shot by Amanda Louise. She used the paper as a great base to show all the pretty ways that it can be styled with unique topper details.  The present was a painting (the best gift, ever in my opinion!) which was a gift she was giving her friends for their wedding. (It was a beautiful abstract work created by artist Kiah Bellows!)
If you are on the hunt for some creative, unique, wrapping papers, look no further.  I hope this post gives you inspiration for all the different ways your wrapping job can styled! 

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