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Dollhouse Design!

    I have had my mom's dollhouse for years and have been meaning to get around to re-designing it for my little girl.  Late last year, I started tinkering with it, and it really has been the most fun creative outlet.   Making a Vintage Dollhouse Fresh & New  Painting an Orange tree on the exterior of the dollhouse  It has been so much fun to bring this old dollhouse back to life: to re-paint the exterior and create a 'landscape' on the exterior.  I used old letters to decoupage the attic to give the effect of 'old' and found wood tile designs on Etsy by Gravik for the flooring.   The Wallpaper in the Boys room is from...

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Floral Love Note Collage Assemblages

I am so thrilled to have launched my latest collection with The Campbell Collective featuring my Floral Love Note Collage Assemblages: they are creations from torn, cut, and reassembled papers (including love notes as a nod to Valentines Day!)  I sincerely hope that you enjoy these: they were so much fun to create and really felt like recess (& a great way to ease into 2024!)

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The first Beginner Needlepoint Canvas is here!

   For a while now, people have been asking for Beginner Needlepoint Canvases.  What constitutes a 'beginner' canvas is a question you might have.  For me, it is a small project, something with a limited amount of colors (three to four different threads,) and is a very simple design.      I've been mulling over simple wintery themes for Ornaments, and a sweet memory of my oldest child popped into my head from her very first snow day.  We created a small snow angel and I wrote, 'The Snow Angel decrees a day of merriment and joy for all!'    It was a moment in time that was so small that has stayed with me over the years: a very simple, happy...

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