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Chatting with Caroline Boykin

I found Caroline Boykin along the way and have been taken with her elegant, feminine works.  Her creations seem to embody the quintessential Southern woman: graceful, sophisticated, and soft. I was honored that she took time out of her busy life (as a full time artist, Mama, and after just re-launching her website- an epic up-hill feat, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing it!) to answer a few questions I had for her.

1.) How long have you been working professionally?

I have been a working artist for 5 years. Crazy how fast the time goes when you are doing what you love! When I graduated from Ole Miss I sold pieces from of my senior thesis show and used that money to buy a kiln. I didn’t have a plan, I just worked really hard and believed in the work that I was creating.

2.) What do you think you are most known for? (Do you have an iconic piece?)

I would say my handmade flowers and neutral palettes.


3.) What is the scariest part about having your own business?

The unknown. Some weeks the creativity is flowing and some weeks it isn’t. Also, taxes are always scary.

4.) What is the best part about having your own business?

The freedom!


5.) Do you have any really large/interesting jobs you are working on currently?

 I have just redeveloped my website. For the launch I made a large body of Nude and Pout paintings that I am very proud of and worked pretty hard on. Botanicals are the next series that I am tackling.

6.) Who are your favorite artists?

Claude Monet forever and ever. Gustav Klimt’s figures and Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers. My Pout series is inspired greatly by Picasso gestures, Southern face jugs, and Brenda Bogart’s collages.


7.) How do you want to scale up your business?

I think the new website is going to be a game changer for my business. Fingers crossed! I also am working on some collaborations that should be fruitful and open new doors for business.

8.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

With God’s grace still making and loving on my family. I am so grateful to be creating everyday. Working in a big white studio with large windows and a view of the ocean wouldn’t be so bad either!


9.) What is your favorite color?

Way hard question. Sea foam, peach, blush, ice blue, any deep blues, I could go on and on…

10.) What inspires you creatively?

Changing Seasons. Magnolia River. Southern Women. My baby girl.


Thank you, Caroline, for taking time out to chat.

Please visit to preview some of Caroline’s beautiful work.

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