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Chatting with Daisy Sullivant

I am thrilled to share artist Daisy Sullivant with you.  She is from my hometown of Savannah, Georgia and is just about as cute as a button.  With the perfect 'artist name', a flair for all things chic and fun, and creatively curious, she is the perfect artist-feature! 
1. Tell us your background. 
I am from Savannah, Georgia. I grew up riding horses, and always thought I would be a vet. Coming from a family of doctors, and wanting to be around animals, that is what seemed to make the most sense.  I went to the University of Georgia for their great vet school, and somehow ended up studying for chemistry in the art studios.  So I moved into the art school at UGA studied Fabric Design at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. All the while still riding for the University on the equestrian team, I often found my inspiration for fabric in the stables.                                                                                                                   
2. How did you get your start? 
Upon graduating from UGA, I moved back to Savannah and set up a studio on Tybee Island. I found that I needed some industry experience, and I started to seek out designers I admired. My mother had given me Kelly Wearstler’s book HUE my last semester of college, and the whole design aesthetic resonated with me. So I reached out to her company, and I was called to Los Angeles for an interview, within a week, I was working as an intern given the task of designing the fabric for her new apparel collection. I stayed on as an assistant designer for the apparel team in charge of all things fabric.  It was incredible experience in an extremely creative yet fast paced environment. 
3. What is your creative process?
I start with photos and sketches. I am always snapping little pictures of things that I notice and see. Often times natural patterns or textures. When it is time to make, I pull together all the things that I have been seeing and noticing. Looking at everything; colors, shapes, and patterns, I start to build a collection. I create patterns based on the inspiration and color them according to the character of the piece. Whether it is a digital pattern design or design for hand painting I use the same process.
4. What are your sources of inspiration? 
I am always absorbing, like a sponge, so my inspiration comes from my surroundings. I have a passion for horses, baking, interiors and architecture. These are the things I notice, and therefore inform what I use to create designs.
5. How are you selling your work? Any push to get your things out to a wider audience?  
I have a new online shop on my website where I sell my wrapping paper and scarves. Several shops carry my products.
Savannah: James Hogan
Memphis: Social
Athens: BMA@home
 Yes. I definitely would like to get my work out to a wider audience, especially my wrapping paper, which I will be continuing to produce with new patterns throughout the year.

6. What is your favorite Social Media Platform and why?
Instagram is my favorite social media because it is almost all visual. As an artist that is the best way for me to communicate.
7. How do you think buyers find you?
Buyers have found me mostly through word of mouth and friends. My scarves have been published in Southern Living a few years ago and that was a helpful push.
8. What bit of advice would you give to a young artist?
Work for somebody or a business you admire when you get out of school, but never stop making your own work. Working for someone else gives you great confidence to be in an artistic business that functions and sustains itself. You can take those skills on to your own business later, if that is your path. Keeping up your own work will satisfy your need to create, and keep up your skills and allow them to evolve.
9. What is your favorite color?  Seafoam green.
10. Where would you like to be creatively in Ten Years?                                                  I would like to be at a point where my creative output is balanced with production and sales.  Where my business is established enough to keep up with, and demand constant creativity.
Instagram - DaisyGWorld
Pinterest - Daisy Sullivant
Facebook - Daisy Sullivant

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