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Acrylic Vanity Tray Styling

I have had the best time delving into product design over the past few years.  Aside from the Turkey Spur Cufflinks and Stud Sets, these vanity trays have been the best sellers. 

Courtney Malone snapped a few images of the Bouquet Vanity Tray and Dogwood Vanity Trays styled in my house.  They are great gifts to give or to keep.  And they are great little catch-alls: vanity trays, key holders, fit beautifully on a bedside table, or in the kitchen to hold olive oil and spices.  

If you are on the hut for an out of the box piece of art, look no further! 

Bouquet Vanity Tray (underneath) and Dogwood Branch Vanity Tray (top)

Dogwood Vanity Tray

Dogwood Tray, styled 

Bouquet Vanity Tray

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