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Bathing Suit in Biarritz

Remember this post about the Bathing Suit Wavy Line Pattern I helped Greenville, SC children's clothing brand, Prodoh develop? 

Well, I got to see it 'in action' on our recent trip to Biarritz, France.  My daughter, Liv, wore it and it functioned so so well (not all children's suits are created equal!) 

It was a special day that I just wanted to bottle up and keep forever: we found a small beach, the kids splashed in the salt water, and there were so many laughs, smiles, and giggles.  

And seeing the suit pattern 'in the wild' made it even more special.  I have wanted to be a part of the design process for children's clothing for years, and it is a special gift for me to see it to a reality. 

The Wavy Stripe is a nod to the water, which is a key design element for Prodoh

It is such a great thing that more companies are looking to collaborate with creatives to add interest to their products.  Prodoh is one of them and we have so many fun things planned for the next few seasons. 

For me, the most intriguing design is where form and function meet 

These brand collaborations are a total delight- more are coming, so stay tuned!! 


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