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Collaboration with Prodoh

It is with very great excitement that I get to share a collaboration with local Greenville, South Carolina children's clothing brand, Prodoh

Prodoh's mission is to 'Get Kids Outdoors' - something that as a mother, I can 100% get behind.  All of the clothing they make is highly technical, functional, and wearable. 

My kids have been sporting the samples from this line for about 9 months now, and we are wild about each piece from this line! 

This collaboration has been over a year in the making and it is thrilling to see these pieces finally go to market! I hope you like them and if you have a little person in your life, you pick up one of these pieces to complete their fall wardrobe! 


 Girl's Sweatshirt in Salmon Rose

 Collaboration Pieces shown above - Boy's Puffer Vest/Oyster Liner in Diving Hole Blue (on boy second from left) & Girl's Hooded Puffer Jacket/Shrimp Liner in Pink Lemonade (on girl fourth from left) 

Water & Wind Reflective Jacket in Baby Blue Jay


A Close Up View of the Oyster Shell Lining 

Girl's Hooded Puffer Jacket/Shrimp Liner in Pink Lemonade


This was such a great collaboration.  Prodoh used the designs I provided them with in very smart ways that were practical since it was the first time they had introduced pattern into the line.  

Designing so that the patterns peep out from the back of hoods or show as liners was such a smart way to get the customer used to seeing these new textures in the line.   Previously the entire line had been solids, ginghams, or stripes. 

This was so much fun and very exciting for me creatively.  Thank you to Prodoh for being so open to this collaboration. 



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