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Collaboration with Prodoh

Remember the Fall/Winter collaboration I did with Prodoh? I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the Children's clothing brand to develop patterns for their collection.  

As a full time working artist, collaborating with brands creatively has become a big part of my business, and Prodoh is absolutely wonderful to work with. 

My children have worn all of the pieces we developed together and not only are Prodoh's clothes aesthetically pleasing, but they are so functional.  I have nothing but great things to say about this Greenville, SC based business!

Shown: Oyster Shell and Ship Liners for F/W Jackets I created the textile art for. 

Fast forward to working on developing the Spring/Summer line: we put our heads together on how to create a 'new' version of their classic nautical striping (which is used throughout the line.) 

I developed a 'painterly stripe' pattern that Prodoh placed on one of their girls bathing suit designs for summer.  If you look at it, you will see that it is slightly wavy and is inspired by a day on the water enjoying sun and fun. 

Shop the cute, sporty Tankini here.

Thank you, Prodoh, for collaborating with me on developing this textile repeat for your wonderful line.  I've already submitted design concepts for 2022, so stay tuned for a continuation of this creative collaboration. 


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