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Coloring Sheets for Kids + Adults

Well, its looking like we will collectively be situated in our homes for a while.  While the doctors, patients, and first responders remain in the forefront of my mind right now, I also am thinking of you all who are sitting at home. 

I lately have been very inspired by orchids and put pen to paper to create these coloring sheets. On Easter, I will have a contest to announce the winners in both an adult and kids category of this drawing contest.  

All you have to do is tag me at @MarquinCampbell in your stories on Instagram and there will be one winner with a $150 gift card for the ages 3-13 category and ages 14 & up category. 

Happy drawing, painting, or oil pastel-ing.  I can't wait to see what y'all create! (Last note: I created these to hang on a wall together, so I hope that is where some of these orchids end up!) 

 Link to Coloring Sheet One

Link to Coloring Sheet Two 

Link to Coloring Sheet Three


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