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Marquin x Goldbugs

I am so thrilled to partner up with my favorite jewelry store, Croghan's, and their Goldbugs Jewelry Line to bring you a unique collaboration. 

Ever since I first saw the Goldbugs, I've been mesmerized with them: they are original, a little quirky, and creative.  So when I reached out to Mini, the designer, I was so pleased that she was was open to letting me use a few for a 'Faces' Series. 

These ladies are intended to be strong representations of the female spirit.  They are heavily influenced from my fashion drawing background and are all created out of Sumi Ink over canvas that I used for paint palettes. 

This small collection of different 'Ladies' wearing the Bugs will drop 8.31.17 at 8pm on my website on the section under 'Original Art.' 

We are also giving away a trio of prints and a Goldbugs Necklace on Instagram.  

Be sure to check the series out- I certainly hope you like what you see! 

some of the paintings


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