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DIY: Applying Wallpaper to Canvas to create a 'Painting'

How awesome is this installation of three canvas panels with my Verdant Wallpaper Applied to each 24 x 48 inch canvas?  What is even better is that ONE roll, (yes, you read that right) fit onto the three panels to make this.  

Its a quick, easy, and fun DIY that will leave you with some cool art.  

Want to learn how to make a version of this in your home?  See the details below.  I promise: its super easy! 

Materials: (To Fit Three 24 x 48 inch canvas panels, but you can easily do this on ANY sized canvas.  You just need to be mindful of the pattern repeat for the wallpaper.) 

1.) Roll of Wallpaper (Please Note: I'm sure you could do this with any type of Wallpaper roll out there that measures 2 x 12 feet, but I know that the glue content of my papers works for this project.  I can not speak to the glue content of every single wallpaper out on the market.)

2.) A Wallpaper Smoother or Plastic Ruler as we used works well.

3.) Sponge (any sponge, but I've linked to a Craft Sponge!) 

4.) Water in a container

5.) Three 24 x 48 inch canvas panels.  Michaels, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby have excellent sales on canvas all the time.  Shop them when on sale. 

6.) Paint for edges.  You see Martha Stewart's Vintage Gold (my go-to paint!) on these edges. 

7.) A Glue Stick 

8.) An Exacto Knife

9.) Scissors 

1.) Paint the edges of your canvas.  That way, you won't have to frame the edges, and wrapping the edges with the wallpaper is very cumbersome (do not do this!!!)  This is the best solution. Bring the paint over the edge 1/4 inch, so that if your cutting lines are not exactly straight when you trim wallpaper, the lines will be camouflaged by the paint. 

2.) Let the paint dry well.  Flip canvas over and trace the canvas shape on top of the wallpaper.  If you are working with a different sized canvas, and your pattern requires matching the repeat properly, make sure you place the canvas along the repeat properly. 

Flip the canvas so that the 'good' side of it touches the back side of the wallpaper and then trace the canvas shape.

See the faint Graphite Line? This is the traced canvas. 

If you do not trust your tracing skills, re-trace the lines using a ruler to make perfect 90 degree angles.

Like every good sewer says: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

3.) Cut the Wallpaper out according to your lines. 

4.) Lay the paper on top of your canvas to make sure lines fit well. 

5.) Apply a layer of water to the canvas (not paper!) using the sponge.  Then gently lay your wallpaper down and fit it to the canvas.  Use the ruler or Wallpaper smoother to smooth it out. 

6.) Use a glue stick to tack down any loose edges.

Your canvas may look a little 'bumpy' with the wallpaper mounted.  Do not worry about it.  Just place the newly adhered side with wallpaper on a flat surface with something weighted on the back side, and it will dry flat.  Promise! 


And this will be your beautiful end-result.  
I hope this demystifies this process for you and you feel like you can jump in and give a DIY Wallpaper Canvas a whirl!












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  • Cheryl Brown

    Extremely good instruction. I have been thinking of doing this and now feel much more confident. Thank you.

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