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Dollhouse Design!

    I have had my mom's dollhouse for years and have been meaning to get around to re-designing it for my little girl.  Late last year, I started tinkering with it, and it really has been the most fun creative outlet.  

Dollhouse Design

Making a Vintage Dollhouse Fresh & New 

Dollhouse Mural Painting

Painting an Orange tree on the exterior of the dollhouse 

Hand Painted Dollhouse

It has been so much fun to bring this old dollhouse back to life: to re-paint the exterior and create a 'landscape' on the exterior. 

Interior Dollhouse Redesign

I used old letters to decoupage the attic to give the effect of 'old' and found wood tile designs on Etsy by Gravik for the flooring.  

Interior Dollhouse Design

The Wallpaper in the Boys room is from my friend, Teresa Roche and is her 'Party Stripe Blue.' The wallpaper in the bathroom is from Etsy and the tile paper was found on Amazon

Interior of Dollhouse

Meredith Walker took her fabric designs and scaled them down for me to use for the Girl's Bedroom.  The furniture in the room was sourced from Amazon (Bed link.)  And the little bird paintings for the room came from Art & Light and were created by Diane Kilgore Condon. 

Attic Dollhouse Marquin campbell

The attic design started with a layer of vintage letters that I found and decoupaged to the ceilings and floors to give a vintage feel.  The art and sewing elements came from Amazon.  The 'rug' is a vintage textile repurposed as a coaster. 

As this project comes together, I will share more.  It has been so much fun tapping into something new and fun to get my creativity firing.  

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