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Feature in At Home Magazine

I am so thankful for the beautiful spread in At Home Magazine this month featuring one of my commissioned paintings I created for the family who is highlighted in the magazine. 

The painting was done in collaboration with my friend and great collaborator, Amanda Louise Campbell.  In the article, she highlights how to best work with an artist and I could not agree more with what she says: 

~Show an artist which pieces of their own work you like to use as a reference point (do not show an artist works by other artists- you should be working with someone who has a style you like.) 

~Provide a sample that identifies a room's color story.  In this room, Amanda Louise gave me a swatch of Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in Turquoise and asked me to pull out the blues for the painting.) 

~Tell the artist what series they have created in the past that you would like to inspire the commission.  It is really helpful for an artist to know what the designer/client connects with and can not be emphasized enough. 

Photo: Luke Cleland 

Again, thank you to At Home Magazine for the awesome feature and to Amanda Louise for so faithfully using my work! 


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