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Get ready for Spain this Summer

As I type this, we are flying over the Atlantic Ocean on our return from spending a year and a half in Spain.  I am totally overwhelmed and blown away by the beauty, the people, the food, the and all the unimaginable intangibles we have gotten to experience during this time as a family.  I know that I speak for all four Campbells when I say that this season will go down as a special chapter for us. 

The poplar grove outside of our home in Soria, Spain

That is why I am so thrilled to already be looking ahead to 2022 and the two upcoming Creative Retreats that I will be hosting in Spain.  The links for both of these events goes live January 1st, 2022 and I'm hoping that the creative adventurers out there will join me.  

at work in the Spanish studio we will be working from

The first retreat will be held July 3rd - 8th and the second retreat will be held July 17th - 22nd.  Creatives, this is a fantastic business expense!!

I can not wait to share my version of Spain with the groups: we will go to museums, dine in favorite spots, visit beloved and inspiring spots, and it will be hosted on the property we lived in during our time in Soria, Spain.  

Everyone will leave brimming with inspiration and new creative inspiration, because as Diana Vreeland famously said, 'The eye must travel.' 

If you are looking for an insiders guide to an authentic deep dive into Spanish culture, living, and want to break away in a truly relaxed setting, this is absolutely the trip for you! (And in addition, you absolutely do not have to be an artist to join: just someone who will appreciate Spain through a creative lens!) 

Hope to see you in Spain for the 2022 Creative Retreat! 




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