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One Room Challenge Final Week

Here we are: the final week of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge!

I have had so much fun designing my almost three year old's room and making it a 'big girl room' that I hope she enjoys it for years to come! 

Liv and George wearing their new cute pajamas from The Horseshoe Crab - they are the ultimate in monogramming and I can not recommend them enough! 

Perhaps because my studio tends to be wildly colorful, my home's interior is a little more placid and crisp.  But I wanted my daughter's room to be anything but that. It truly was the most fun space to create and I just had the best time working with all the color. 

Liv Jumping on one of the twin beds that belonged to her Great Grandfather.

There is a bookshelf that backs up to a double closet to the right of the door to enter the bedroom.

I got the rug online from Rugs USA and I fell in love with it and purchased it on major discount (I think it is silly to put expensive rugs in kids rooms, and I think the more pattern the better for a child's space as it will cover a multitude of stains!) 

Homedepot had a crop of Fiddleleaf Figs and I like the living element it brings to the room. 

I have collected tons of art over the years and decided a gallery wall would be a fun, whimsical touch in the room.  My friend, Amanda Louise, came and helped me place the creations.  She also had her workroom help me with the cute painterly bedskirts with this fabric

I admit, the painted chest is not quite my thing, but it was from my childhood room.  I originally had plans to paint it, but when it came down to it, I just decided to stick with it in it's original form. 

The bunting came from the Indie Craft Parade's Holiday Pop Up and there are tons of similar versions here on Etsy.

The neck of the vintage lamp was too long for the shade, so I got a spool of Pom Poms from Amazon and hot glued them to the base of the shade to add visual length. 

The Print at the upper top left is of my hometown, Savannah, Georgia and it is from The Rockhouse Antiques. The tassel necklace is from ShanLou. The watercolor is a reimagined Livingston Crest I created for Liv (aka Livingston). The juju mask is something I created for another One Room Challenge and worked beautifully here for dimension and texture.  The Bird is by Sid Samuelson of Gray Garden Designs.  The little marsh painting is one of my Marsh Series Works.  The dog portrait is of our Springer Spaniel by Starr Haney Art

The pink flamingo is from Gray Garden Designs.  The small floral is by Kim Hassold

The face is by Melvin G. The six ladies are from vintage bridge tallies my Grandmother gave me. The Tree painting is by LeAnne White Art. The small square floral is by L.Windham Designs.  The Large paper floral was a piece I created from all the cards and wrapping paper on gifts from Liv's Baby Shower.  The small floral was a piece I did in first grade. 

The abstract in the background is by Megan Carn. The mushroom piece is by Gray Garden Designs.

This angle shows the gallery wall the best.  I am going to tag each artist and save it to my Instagram Stories on my Feed so that you all can see who created each one.

How cute are all the pillows on the beds? The small chinoiserie pillow is by Willa Heart.  The second scalloped pillow is off of amazon and Liv's monogram was custom created by The Horseshoe Crab.  And I used my Savannah Fabric to create the third square pillow. 

The figure is by Leslie Weaver. The floral is one of mine that has since sold. 

 This room was so much fun and I am thrilled to see it totally complete! I already have my wheels turning about what I will be doing for the Fall, so be sure to follow along for that re-design! 



  • Carol@BlueskyatHome

    Marquin, the room you’ve created is every little girl’s dream. Love the gallery wall and that you used furniture that had meaning to you. I’ll be sharing it tomorrow as 1 of my 5 favorite bedroom makeovers.

  • Beth Wiseman

    Are the beds painted gray? I believe the wall color is SW Mint Condition.
    Thanks, Beth

  • Beth Wiseman

    Love the wall color, would you please share the color.?

    Thanks, Beth Wiseman

  • Ellen Yingling

    What is the wall paint color? I’ve been looking for something similar for my daughter’s room. This room is so serene and yet so lively! Well done!

  • Morgan

    Hi! This is the cutest room ever!! Thank you so much for sharing- your art filled gallery wall is so unique and inspiring! I was wondering what color you painted the walls? I love the light grey/blue and have been looking for something exactly like that!

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