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One Room Challenge: Spring 2017: Blog Post Four

I can't believe it is Week Four of The One Room Challenge! It is crunch time and somehow this room is all coming together. 

I want to share some Nautical Touches I've tried to incorporate in this nursery. 

I went crazy with the glue gun and used some thin rope to create some nautical inspired knots to dress up this coat rack. 

Basically,  was too lazy to unscrew the rack from the back of the door to paint it or replace it, so this was my solution.  It didn't take too long and was a good way to re-use it. 

I found these Jute Pulls on Etsy and they were the perfect Nautial Touch for the room. 

I incorporated them in on the double drawer built-ins for the window seat. 

I also had the guys at Duncan's help me up-fit two of the drawer pulls into Fan Pulls.  They are not totally clean where the ball and chain connect, but because the connection is on top, you don't really notice it!

This bedside table was outside at our old house on the porch.  I grey washed the furniture about five years ago and it naturally weathered.  I love that it is imperfect (especially since its in a boy's room!) and just left it like this!

This crackly green chest was in my family's mountain house for a number of years and reminds me of a battered, weathered, painted rowboat.  I also felt like the room needed a small punch of color somewhere that was not blue and white. 

Next week we will talk all about Rugs and the last piece of beautiful art my friend C. Brooke Ring created for the room!

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