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One Room Challenge Week Five!

This week for the One Room Challenge I am taking tons of art I have collected over the years and been gifted by friends and making a fun gallery wall in Liv's room. 

I have incorporated in Three Dimensional Pieces from Gray Garden Designs Paper Mache Collection, a JuJu Mask I created for a previous One Room Challenge, some pieces from my wildly talented friend, Miles Purvis, and some other cool finds I've stumbled across. 

I had to call in the reinforcements to help me, so I looped in my gal Amanda Louise to help me place the art and design the gallery wall.  She is a gallery wall master, so I just left her to her work and and I think you will all love the end result when I post it next week! 

For now, here's a photo of her working hard on placing the art in a fun, creative way. 

Stay Tuned for some beautiful shots from Courtney Malone for next week's final blog post! 

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