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One Room Challenge: Week Two!

This week I'm painting Liv's Bedroom for The One Room Challenge.  I decided to go with something a little outside the box that would work with the purples and pinks she wants in her room and have landed on Mint Green.

Here are some of my inspiration photos I grabbed from the internet:

Once I land on a color, I typically will get out my swatch book (I'm a loyal Sherwin Williams devotee) and pick out a few mint colors that are contenders.  Once I had the sample paints in hand, I painted the walls with the colors, let them dry, and analyzed them in different lights (morning, midday, evening) and made my decision. 

I landed on Sherwin Williams Mint Condition

(Shown above, a nursery painted with Mint Condition.)

Now its time to whip out my paintbrushes, tape, and get to work!


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