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Prodoh Kids Clothing Collaboration

I'm so excited to share the most recent collaboration with Prodoh Kids Clothing Line: a Greenville-SC based business that is growing rapidly! This is our 4th year of collaborating together and it has been so much fun to develop fun, whimsical artwork for the brand! 

And if you pick up any of these pieces, be sure to use my discount code, 'Marquin' at checkout to enjoy 10% off all items (this is extended to sale items as well!) 

These Fall/Winter pieces are inspired by Nantucket.  The patterns and surface design from this group are the best yet from our ongoing collaboration! 

Marquin Campbell Kids Clothing Surface Design

Children's Surface Design

Artwork by Marquin Campbell

Marquin Campbell Parsons Alumn Surface Design

Marquin Campbell Art Collaboration

Art Collaboration Marquin Campbell

Marquin x Prodoh Collaboration

Prodoh Kids Art Collaboration

Children's Clothing Collaboration Surface Design

Marquin Campbell Artwork for Kids Clothing line

Marquin Campbell Artwork for Children's Clothing

Children's Surface Design Marquin Campbell

Children's Pattern Designer Marquin Campbell

Surface Design Artist Marquin Campbell

Surface Designer Marquin Campbell

Children's Surface Designer Marquin Campbell

Children's Surface Design by Marquin Campbell

Marquin Campbell Surface Design

Marquin Campbell Artist Surface Design

I hope you enjoy these newest pieces! 


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