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Spanish Blue & White Series

I am so thrilled to be collaborating with my friend Kayla of The Little Green Door for a collection of twelve original blue and white paintings inspired by a trip to Southern Spain this past spring. 

The Blue & White Tile is all over Southern Spain: it serves both a decorative (all are painted with beautiful motifs) and functional purpose (it is cooling for buildings) 

Blue and White Tile in Southern Spain is cooling to the touch 

Each Spanish Tile has its own design motifs, but blue and white are the main colors used in these tiles.

This Blue & White Tile Mosaic featuring a flower arrangement (this was on the exterior of a flower shop in Sevilla) inspired me to incorporate flowers into these compositions. 

These were painted on-site during a two week visit to Cadiz, Sevilla, and The White Villages of Southern Spain. 

The Collection: lots of flowers, Oranges, and Angels are in this collection of twelve paintings. 

The Little Green Door will have these paintings for sale in their store this Saturday, July 10th starting at 10:00am.  At Noon, EST, Kayla will list these on her instagram feed @thelittlegreendoor for sale. 

I hope you enjoy them- they were really fun assemblages of all the beauty I got to see on this trip! 


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