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The first Beginner Needlepoint Canvas is here!

   For a while now, people have been asking for Beginner Needlepoint Canvases.  What constitutes a 'beginner' canvas is a question you might have.  For me, it is a small project, something with a limited amount of colors (three to four different threads,) and is a very simple design.  

Snow Angel Beginner Needlepoint Canvas

   I've been mulling over simple wintery themes for Ornaments, and a sweet memory of my oldest child popped into my head from her very first snow day.  We created a small snow angel and I wrote, 'The Snow Angel decrees a day of merriment and joy for all!'

Snow Angel

   It was a moment in time that was so small that has stayed with me over the years: a very simple, happy memory. That moment sparked the Snow Angel Beginner Needlepoint Canvas

Snow Angel Needlepoint Canvas

  Each needlepoint canvas is painted by hand and is stitch painted based off of the Master created in my Downtown Greenville, South Carolina studio.  The canvas measures approximately 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches and is painted on 18 count mesh.  

  The Beginner Snow Angel Needlepoint Canvas is the perfect beginner stitch! 


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