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The One Room Challenge, Post Two

I have been wanting to add a painted element to my dining room for a long time, so I finally got around to the addition for the One Room Challenge.  

Because my dining room flows into both my kitchen and den, Amanda Louise and I decided to keep the dining room painted its same grey color (the same grey color as the living room,) so that the space would feel a little larger and not so choppy. 

I have painted a few chinoiserie murals in homes over the years and it was fun to spend a few days getting to create flowers on the walls in my house.  The below images served as inspiration for the project.  

Here is my version of Chinoiserie- I used the motifs sparingly, since the space is small. 


Also, one of my friends, the talented Katie Kime out of Dallas, Texas sent some things to grace our table top and add a punch of modernity to our bar decor. I am looking forward to incorporating them into the final photoshoot. 

Call Me Old Fashioned Print

Jungle Leaves Ice Bucket

Ginger Jars Napkin

Golden Bees Placemat Set

Next week I will be reporting on the large piece of art going in the dining room, updates with the china and flatware for the dining room table, and will hopefully be sharing the swatch of fabric I created for the dining room chairs.... stay tuned as it all comes together! 

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