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The One Room Challenge Week Six: Fabrics and Finishings

So this is the last blog post till the grand reveal!

This ORC for me has personally been a bit of doozie.  The rug I ordered a LONG time ago looks like it won't be delivered on time (although I'm keeping my fingers crossed.)

And my fan looks like it can't be capped. (I literally can not stand the ugly lights at the bottom of it.)

Oh, and I did eventually find the monogrammed shams: they were temporarily lost, but they are now in hand. (Alleluia!) 

I am highlighting some fabrics we are using and the details on them I love most. 

Here is a bolster neck roll I designed that has a linen leopard print and a burt orange velvet. 

Here is a chinoiserie print seat cushion that I am very pleased with. 

I love how the linen bedskirt turned out: it really warms up the space nicely and automatically made it more comfortable. 

And the pinch pleat curtains turned out so well: I love the Greek Key Edging and think the end result is impactful.

A very big big thank you goes to my friend Amanda Louise Campbell for letting me access and utilize her workroom for this project. 

I am working with my friend Kimberly Gibson to have the room photographed next week and can not wait to share her pretty images with you! 

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