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Thoughts on Motherhood and Art

Summer is quickly slipping away and I am not going to lie: it has been a long season over here.  I am very tired, have not gotten a lot of *new* work done (there were big, lofty, ambitious goals at the start of summer that quickly faded!)
But, I really have had a sweet time with my little ones.  For our family the past few years have been frantic, so it has been nice to go slowly and enjoy time together. 
I wish I had more friends that were artist-moms.  I am so curious as to how they get it done in the fringe hours that I have been operating in this summer.  If you are reading this and have any insight, please share your thoughts below. This read from Artsy on being a mother and artist is thoughtful and inspiring. 
Thank you to the ever delightful Courtney Malone for these images of my home studio & my little George. 

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