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Toledo Travel Guide

I am writing some travel guides from favorite weekend trips because inevitably people will ask me for recommendations and I will have forgotten IT ALL! 

So this is for those future asks...

These two: up and at 'em early


Holy Toledo! This is a must-see town. The former capital of Spain, it is loaded with charm.  It has quaint, meandering streets that have something for everyone: a beautiful cathedral, museums, marzipan, and THE most delicious food.

Nuns! Always enjoy snapping them 'in action' on the streets of Spain


EAT: (I'm terrible at taking photos of food, but go to the websites to see the fare these spots offer!) 

Taberna Botero: a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavors. The ten course tasting menu was amazing!

La Mar Sala Toledo: a restaurant featuring only six tables, it sits just outside the city walls and is truly incredible sea food!

La Orza: Ok, we didn't actually go here, but the reviews were top notch and the restaurant is quaint and looks lovely.

the team there recommended La Cabala Restaurante: every single dish was truly phenomenal.  It is a fresh take on traditional Spanish fare.  All the patrons were Spanish, so it is still under the tourist radar- something we definitely appreciate! 

Visiting the museums with my favorite artist



My Home in Toledo: we have found that with children it is sometimes easier to have a kitchen for them (early risers = early breakfast.) The flat we stayed in was cozy and quaint, and a wonderful location in the Jewish Quarter of the city. 



The Cathedral Primada, The El Greco Museum, Monastario de San Juan de los Reyes, El Transito Synagogue, Iglesia de Santo Tome, Alcazar de Toledo

The Cathedral Primada


El Museo Greco 


Both kids flipped for all the swords in the shops (there are lots of kid friendly swords and shields for purchase.) They enjoyed the marzipan and seeing the nuns making it. Also the Museo de Queso de Manchego was a hit and quick stop (with a cheese + wine tasting!) 

Picking out Marzipan from one of the Nunneries  

I hope this helps you all with your planning when you head to Toledo.  If you have additions or suggestions, please leave them below. 


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  • Mumcie

    Enjoyed this article and the fun of seeing Spain! The vivid colors of art and sky so magical!

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