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Transitioning back from Spain

I have been so quiet on Social Media the month of January, and its all been intentional.  

As a family, we knew transitioning back from living abroad in Spain for a year and a half would take some settling in and that is just what we have been doing. 

I'm so excited about the series I've been working on.  For me, painting is a journaling process: in this new series, I have been unpacking some visuals that have really stuck in my mind during our European travels. 

And while I'm thrilled (and nervous!) to share them, I'm not quite yet ready to put them out there yet... these pieces are very different from any work I've created ever and I hope they resonate with my collectors. 

In the meantime, here are some favorite photos from our final Spanish photo session with my photographer friend Maria who was always so much fun to collaborate with. 

Marquin Campbell Spain

Ill be back soon with new art, promise! 

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