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Travel Guide: Salamanca

Salamanca is a treasure of a little city.  It is easily walkable, has lots of great little restaurants, and many lovely things to see.  It is also quite pretty to top it off.  


Hotel Rector: The hotel welcomed us with champagne, had the most amazing breakfast, and showered our children with lots of little kind surprises.  It was very comfortable and clean and was very worth it. 

Hotel Rector Front Entrance

The Breakfast at The Rector was the best we've enjoyed in Spain yet! 


Momo, Tapas 2.0, & En la Parra 

Vino Tinto


The Cathedral, The Shell House (rumor has it that there is buried treasure behind one of the shells,) The Roman Bridge, visit the Secret Garden built into the old city wall, The Art Nouveau Museum (Casa Lis.) This link will take you to everything you want here! 

One of the beautiful ceilings at The University of Salamanca 

The Shell House in Salamanca


The Automotive Museum, Casa Lis (our daughter loved the second floor doll collection,) and the kids audio guide for The Cathedral.  See this link


Please add other stops to this list- I know this is just the tip of the iceberg for Salamanca! 




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