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Week Five: The One Room Challenge

Ok, this is going to be my worst post ever for the ORC this go-round.  Oh well. I've been terribly sick this week, am out the door to Charlotte for a show, and have Greenville Open Studios this weekend.  My dining room has taken a back seat this week. 

My sweet intern helped me assemble a Juju Hat.  It took loads of feathers, lots of hot glue, and patience.  But we pulled it off.  It looks fabulous. I am going to write about how we did it and how we could improve on the process in a later blog post. 

And of course sense I'm flying by the seat of my pants this week, I do not have a proper photograph of it.  So here are a few I pulled from the internet. 

Ok, got the feel for the Juju Hats? They add a textural, tribal element to the room.  And mine, like these, is white.  

Next thing: for the Living Room, I wanted to add in a new piece of art to go over the couch.  I came up with this landscape that I felt totally fabulous about.  And then I took it home, and the sizing was all wrong: it was too small.  

SO I worked on a 30 x 30 square, and it will go over the sofa with the Juju hat on top of it. 

The paintings.  The one on the left was too small, and I'm hoping that the one on the right works.  I work out of Vino and van Gogh, the art studio I own.  My husband refuses for me to bring any paints in the house. 

Ok, I know this blog post is terrible.  Next week will more than make up for it: promise! 

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