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New Work: Release 3.25.16 at High Noon!

I am so thrilled to be releasing a series of Ten New Pieces on 3.25.16 at Noon.  This series is based off of the landscape of the Lowcountry and was created with acrylic paint, metallic paints, and oil pastels.  The theme is color, energy, and light.  I hope you all enjoy it.  

Here is a sneak peek at the work that will be put up on the site!

Mustard Lowcountry, 8 x 10 inches: $95

Sage Lowcountry, 8 x 10 inches, $95

Rose Lowcountry, 8 x 10: $95

Emerald Lowcountry, 12 x 12: $145

Something in the Atmosphere, I: 10 x 20inches: $245

Something in the Atmosphere, II: 10 x 20 inches: $245

Moon River, 16 x 16 inches: $235

Turquoise Lowcountry, 20 x 20 inches: $395

Turq Morning, 40 x 30 inches: $1300

Movement in the Morning, 30 x 40 inches: $1300














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