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Frame Release

I have had so much fun experimenting with different types of products and surfaces this year.  My newest bunch of creations are ceramic frames.  

Each one is painted with acrylic paints, metallic paints, and has touches of oil pastels.  The frames hold a 4 x 6 inch photo and measure approximately 9 x 11 inches in total. 

These spirited frames are an excellent accent for any space.  They will all be added to my website on Friday, April 11th at Noon. 

Frame One

Frame Two

Frame Three

Frame Four 

Frame Five

Frame Six

Frame Seven

Frame Eight

Frame Nine

Frame Ten

Frame Eleven

Frame Twelve

Frame Thirteen

Frame Fourteen

Frame Fifteen

Frame Sixteen

Frame Seventeen

Frame Eighteen

Frame Nineteen

Frame Twenty

Frame Twenty One

Frame Twenty Two

Frame Twenty Three

Frame Twenty Four

Frame Twenty Five

Frame Twenty Six

Frame Twenty Seven

Frame Twenty Eight

Frame Twenty Nine

Frame Thirty

Frame Thirty One


















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