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Getting Back to Drawing & Other Happenings

I was so diligent about keeping up a sketch book in college, and in these past few years I've gotten super lax about it. 

SO I've dusted off my paper, pens, and pencils and started scribbling again.  It was long overdue.  I think drawing is absolutely the foundation of painting, and it does nothing but help develop a stronger eye for balance, line quality, and space in paintings. 

I will share some of the things I am working on in the next few weeks, but I made a little pencil, pen, and watercolor version of Mary's Cottage, a local lunch spot, in Greenville, SC for a client. 

And I created this little pencil sketch for one of my previous Interns who is Graduating from Wofford College in Spartanburg. 

People always ask me what my favorite materials are, so here are my favorites for sketching: 

I can not emphasize just how much I love scribbling on Strathmore Bristol Board.  It is a heavier weight than 'typical' paper, and because of that if you decide you want to add more layers (like oil pastel or watercolors) to your drawing, it can handle the additional materials.  

Number 2 Pencils are my other favorites.  I know there are millions of drawing pencils on the market, and there are tons of great ones out there.  But these are so easy, readily accessible, and can be sharpened for fine points, or can be dulled down to blunt 'tips' that can make a bunch of different marks.  Sometimes the most accessible, simple things can be the best, most simple fit. 


Roller Ball Gel Pens are my most favorite for everything: drawing, writing, etc. 


I'm thrilled to have partnered up with Interior Designer, Amanda Louise and Stephanie, the Blogger behind Olive & Tate for their collaboration for the One Room Challenge.  This is the second opportunity I've had to produce work for the ORC, and its always exciting to see how the rooms come together. 

Amanda Louise made mention of my art in here blog last week. 

And Stephanie did too

Collaborating with other Creatives in meaningful ways inspires me, and I am making a big push to pursue creative collabs in 2016. 
Last but not least, I am so enjoying seeing how customers are tagging me on Social Media when their shipments come in.  Here is one client who tagged me on Instagram: Thank you Kimberly! 



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