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Bracelet Release

These are a fun, colorful collection of hand painted wooden bracelets. 
All have bright and vivid color with pops of metallic paints. 
The below are photographs that Angela Cox took of me with some of them in my studio: she has an amazing eye for photography, and I love how she captures everything she does for me. 
Check out the full Jewelry Collection by clicking here: I painted each wooden bracelet by hand in my art studio in Greenville, SC. 
Lollie Bracelet
Susu Bracelet
Charme Bracelet
Lois Bracelet
Greta Bracelet
Dee Bracelet
Gemma Bracelet
Sally Bracelet
Baskin Skinny Bracelet
Mini Navy Bracelet
Mini Turquoise Bracelet
Vera Bracelet

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