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Angel Kids Project!

If you have been with me for a while, you know how much I adore Angels.  They have huge significance to me, and appear in my work over and over again. 

I was approached by my daughter's school to develop an Angel Painting for an upcoming auction.  The school also wanted for each child to be present in the painting. 

I decided to create an angel loosely based around some of the beautiful art that I had seen late last summer in Florence, Italy.  The Florentine masters painted angels with colorful wings, so that was a direction I went with for this piece. 

And to incorporate each child into the work, I worked with them to make fingerprint 'stars' in the sky. 

Blocking in the sky and angel around the fingerprints was the second step, and so much fun to create. 

My four year old popped her head in the studio and declared the angel almost finished, but that 'she would look better with a hair bow.'  Hahah! You just can't please everyone!!


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