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Artwork for Prodoh Kids Clothing

A few days ago while we were at the pool, a friend asked me about the clothes my children were wearing.  They were made by local to Greenville children's clothing brand Prodoh, and I have the great pleasure of creating the artwork that goes on the back of their clothes and the art for their pattern repeats.  

Here is the most recent work I created for them that will come out for Holiday '24. 

In my studio creating custom artwork for Prodoh to feature on the back of their t-shirts and in print repeats. 

I sketch out the art and then paint in layers of colors with watercolors. 

It has been a pleasure to create artwork to be used as textile repeats for the Female run, Greenville SC based children's clothing brand Prodoh. 

For each season, Prodoh gives me the theme for the collection as well as color palettes.  I use the theme and colors to develop the visual components for each collection.  It is a fun and really fulfilling creative for me! 

Thank you, Prodoh, for believing in my art for your brand: this sort of brand collaboration is an artists dream, and I really and truly appreciate it! 

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