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Blooming Florals for The Campbell Collective

I am thrilled about this small group of work that will be releasing next Thursday, June 18th, at 8:30am on The Campbell Collective site. 

During quarantine, we had the great pleasure of visiting Carter & Holmes Greenhouses to preview their Orchids on a day trip to Newberry, and that trip was incredibly inspiring.  I've also been working on how to get my orchids to re-bloom once the flowers fall off, and it is much easier than one might think

Since I was very little, I have been inspired by the sculptural shapes that orchids are arrayed in.  I'm also a big fan of their colors and textures. 

Here is the entire group of work: I'll be hoping you find a piece you connect with and pick up an orchid that will always be in bloom! 

The following four Orchid Compositions all measure 16 x 20 inches

The following four Orchid Compositions all measure 9 x 12 inches

These last four Orchid Compositions measure 5 x 7 inches


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