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Design Collaboration with Prodoh Continues

The design collaboration with Prodoh Continues! We have been working together on five past seasons, and as I type this, I am sitting down to work on the 2023 collection with Prodoh.  It is very special to continue this ongoing collaboration with Prodoh and to have my artwork become a part of the brand's DNA. 

Here is what I helped the children's brand create for their 2022 Spring/Summer Collection! 

Cuties wearing their Palm Print Bathing suits 

Wavy Stripe Bathing Suit (inspired by the Ocean) 

Wavy Striped Shorts and Boys Sharks Tooth Swim Trunks

Court to Pool Dress in Sand Dollar Print

Palm Sun Shirt


Thank you to my wonderful friends at Prodoh for using my work to round out your 2023 Spring/Summer Collection: you always make it shine! 


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