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Footprint/Handprint Ornaments

I have always tried take a few hours to make a special ornament with my children and the kids in their classrooms as a special keepsake.  This year, I made Handprint Ornaments with my daughter's two year old class and Footprint Ornaments wit my son's infant class and they turned out so well, I thought it would be fun to share them. 

using footprints is a good idea for infants to 2.5 year olds

They were very easy to make and you could tweak them based around the supplies you have on hand (meaning you could create them on a different sized ornament, use different ribbon, or sub out a fluffy red pom pom instead of a button for the nose.) 

Materials: (all are linked to the sources I used!)

Button Ornament (scroll down on the site: I used the #2061 Button Ornament) 

Black Sharpie

Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Burnt Umber Light(out of all the paints I have found out there, Golden's Fluid Acrylics seems to be the best one for getting good hand or footprints from kids!) 

Bucket O' Buttons, Assorted Buttons for Arts and Crafts

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Googly Eyes Self Adhesive Googly Eyes


Paint Brush (I personally like fat but wide ones you can brush on in one swift motion like this one for this particular project.) 


1.) Paint the bottom of the foot or hand using the Burnt Umber Light paint with the paint brush.  Make sure to not paint it with too much paint or too little- a 'medium' amount is perfect.  

2.) Situate the finger tips or tips of toes near the center of the ornament and start the print with them.  In a swift, steady motion turn the ornament with your hand to end the printing process with either the bottom of the hand or heel (it will probably wrap around to the other side of the ornament.) 

3.) Let the paint dry, then add a red button as the reindeer nose and two googly eyes.  I used the glue stick to adhere all three pieces to the ornament for longer staying power. 

4.) Use the sharpie to make little loose oval ears on the left and right.  Then use it to make 'branch like' antlers. 

5.) Use the ribbon to make the loop for hanging the ornament. 

6.) Add any extra flourishes like the child's name and year on the side of the artwork. 

I hope this inspires you to spend some time crafting with your little one this season!


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