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Creative Home Series

I do so many easy, fun, creative things with the children at home, I have decided to start sharing a 'Creative Home' Series on Sundays.  For the first post, I want to share this painting that is probably the piece of art that receives the most commentary from guests when they come over.  It is a 40 x 60 inch canvas that I had the children work on all last summer covered in children's paint, markers, and crayons.  We accidentally left the canvas out in the yard, and the rain created the ghost like effect on the canvas, which I'm crazy about. So if you are looking for a simple, ongoing project at home for little ones, this is easy....

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Footprint/Handprint Ornaments

I have always tried take a few hours to make a special ornament with my children and the kids in their classrooms as a special keepsake.  This year, I made Handprint Ornaments with my daughter's two year old class and Footprint Ornaments wit my son's infant class and they turned out so well, I thought it would be fun to share them.  using footprints is a good idea for infants to 2.5 year olds They were very easy to make and you could tweak them based around the supplies you have on hand (meaning you could create them on a different sized ornament, use different ribbon, or sub out a fluffy red pom pom instead of a button for the...

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