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Meet the New Textiles & Wallpapers!

To get ready for the upcoming launch of my newest Marsh Painting Series (February 1st in my Greenville, South Carolina Studio, and then online at Noon February 2nd,) I've been working on three new Textiles and Wallpapers to add to the collection. 

Here they are: I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I feel like they are dramatic, but not overwhelming.  Fun and spirited but not too wild.  Playful and sophisticated. 

Mint Lowcountry Fabric - Cotton/Linen Blend

Mint Lowcountry Wallpaper

Blue & White Lowcountry Fabric - Cotton/Linen Blend

Blue & White Lowcountry Wallpaper

Ethereal Fabric - Cotton/Linen Blend

Ethereal Wallpaper

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