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Sailboat Series Release!

This group of 8 x 10 inch paintings with painted .5 inch sides is inspired by Marquin's 2017 Spring One Room Challenge space for her son's Nursery. Be sure to check out the Blog post on the One Room Challenge process here.
This mixed media group of loose paintings is playful, fun, and precious for a child's room.
They will be added to the website this Friday, April 7th at NOON under the 'Original Art' section. 
Sailboat, One
Sailboat, Two
Sailboat, Three
Sailboat, Four
Sailboat, Five
Sailboat, Six
Sailboat, Seven
Sailboat, Eight
Sailboat, Nine
Along with the Sailboats, inspiration for these little Blue Monkeys came when designing          for the One Room Challenge.    
Each of these six Monkeys are handprinted with gold ticks on the belly and white markings on the ams and legs. The monkeys hold colorful pompoms with a little bell on each. Every monkey has a set of three buttons going down their center front.
These toys are playful and cute and will be the perfect gift for a little one!

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