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Small Collage Art

I am very excited to share this group of paintings that will be arriving to Bennett's Frames and Art Gallery in Greenville, South Carolina very soon! 

To create this series, I took old paint palettes and white washed them for the large paper you see in the background.  I like how the paint reads through the white and slightly peeks out from underneath the whitewash.  Also, for me texture adds such dimension to the composition. 

I then took other old paint palettes and cut and tore them up to create the flower arrangements.  Some of the dried paint naturally was in an organic floral shape, so this process works well for me.  

The last step of the process is to add a wash underneath the vase holding the flowers.  For these compositions, I added a darker wash to root the composition. 

These pieces will arrive to Bennett's by the weeks end.  They will offer them for sale framed and unframed.  Bennett's will also ship, so if you do not live in Greenville, they can get you a painting.  Their phone number is 864 - 288 - 6430. 

I hope you enjoy these! And I hope you give them as Valentine's Gifts this year- they are the next best thing to living flowers!!



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