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The Birds of a Feather Mixed Media Release

I'm so excited to share this newest series: a release featuring Mixed Media Birds.  This series started when my little boy asked me to create him some ducks for his big boy room.  The two ducks I created for him were so fun to make that I just kept going and ended up with ten birds to share with collectors!

Here they are: these are the only birds I will be offering for 2022, but keep an ear to the ground for more to come in 2023.  

American Widegon

'American Widegon' 

'Mallard, I' 

'Mallard, II' 


'Bobwhite Quail, I'

'Bobwhite Quail, II'

Wood Duck

'Wood Duck, I'

'Wood Duck, II'


Mourning Dove

'Mourning Dove' 

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