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The One Room Challenge - Week Four!

Where are the weeks going? I always feel like a frantic maniac around this time of the year- is it me, or is this how everyone is feeling? 


I thought I would have my monogrammed pieces in from The Horseshoe Crab by now to talk about, but they look like they will be arriving next week.   I can not wait to see the design they come up with for the shower curtain and linens I sent them! 

So instead Ill talk about some accessories that will go in the bathroom. 

I love a candle, and Ill put one of my Holly Wreath Candles in the bathroom that I've created in collaboration with Modern Forestry

And for soap, this Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap is my favorite soap ever. 

And I am on the hut for a Herend Oak Leaf Soap Holder like the one below.  It compliments the oak leaf motif in the Roman Shades in the space. 


And last but not least, I'm painting the vanity bottom Plumb Brown from Sherwin Williams.  I felt like the room needed to be rooted down badly, and this will hopefully add some depth to it. 

'Till next week, ladies + gents,

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  • Marcie Millholland

    Love the vanity color!!

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