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The One Room Challenge Week Two: Working on Lighting

Week two is about Lighting. 

First off, I have a ceiling fan in our master that I literally detest looking at. However, we live in South Carolina, so that eyesore is not going anywhere.  I am going to have the light on it capped (it was supposed to have been done this week,) and just try to make it a little less ugly.  Eye roll. 

Secondly, I was visiting Savannah and stopped in Clutter. It is a consignment store and has some amazing finds.  I fell in love with a pair of plaster lamps with columns that needed some TLC.  They are totally imperfect: they have chips and cracks, the color is not uniform, but I am in love. (I wish I had a before photo of them: the hardware was covered in rust and they were very sad looking.) I scored the pair for a song at $50.00. 

When I got back to Greenville, I took the pair to The Little Lamp Shop in The Rock House Antiques Store.  We decided to re-wire them, put on new String Coolie shades, spruce with new finials, and add lucite bases to freshen them up.  I could not be more pleased with the end result and they are the perfect statement pieces to flank my bed. 

Onwards and Upwards towards week three! 

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