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An Ornithologist

Growing up, I lived in the most beautiful setting: in Savannah on a barrier island surrounding the city.  I had the privilege of enjoying the flora and fauna, while exploring the water and woods after school every day.  I have long loved birds and had a fantastic lower school science teacher who fostered that appreciation.  His wife also happened to be our art teacher, so the below photo is definitely an ode to them: thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Eswine for the love and work you put into making our days in (and out!) of the classroom quite magical. 

'Save our Migratory Songbirds' for the Duck Stamp Competition, circa 5th Grade 

I have committed myself to experimenting and play for 2019, so I started sketching and birds and flowers were the first things I gravitated towards in my sketch work.  If I can stick with subjects, I like to grow them into a series, so this is steadily becoming a series that I will offer online for sale March 24th at noon. 

Brown Thrasher 

'Blue Bird' 

'Gold Finch' 



I hope you like what you see- so far I have twelve mixed media drawings and am hoping to have between twenty and thirty pieces to offer you all next week. 
As always, thank you so much for following along! 


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