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Fall is Here!

I'm so thrilled that fall is officially here.  I'm always majorly inspired at the change of the seasons, but fall is especially inspirational.  

I spent the afternoon working from my house on the back porch to take in the fresh air, crisp breeze, and changing colors.  As a full time working artist it has been important for me to separate working from home and working at the studio, but some days I need to pop a load of laundry in, cook a pork butt, and relax in my pajamas. 

Today I worked on some small marsh paintings inspired by the changing seasons.  I snapped a few photos of the process and the natural light was just perfection.  

Color Palette Today  

One of the new 6 x 6 inch paintings I've been working on

Old Brushes are the best brushes 


This series is coming out soon.  Be sure to sign up for my email on my website homepage and follow along with me on Instagram at @MarquinDesigns to stay in the loop with all the artsy happenings 'round here! 







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