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New Needlepoint Canvas Offerings

Earlier this year, I launched my Needlepoint Canvas Collection, and am thrilled to add three more additional canvas options to the collection. 

'Ode to Picasso', 'Bouquet Canvas', and 'Ode to Matisse': New Needlepoint Canvas offerings are here! 

 Picasso Needlepoint Canvas

'Ode to Picasso' is inspired by the late artists famous lithograph, 'Girl with a Dove' and was completed with threads from Augusta Needlepoint that can be found here. It is the inaugural canvas from what is going to be the 'Art History 101' collection: a group of Needlepoint Canvases that celebrate works of art by famous artists.

Bouquet Needlepoint Canvas

The 'Bouquet Needlepoint Canvas' is based off of my smaller collage/mixed media works where I visit making art out of torn papers. These works of art tend to be smaller in scale and I was hopeful that they would translate well as Needlepoint Canvases. 

Ode to Matisse Needlepoint Canvas

And the 'Ode to Matisse Needlepoint Canvas' is inspired by Matisse's Chapel in Vence, France.  While styling abroad, I had the chance to visit it, and the encounter has stuck with me.  It was fun to borrow the artists' shapes and colors to create this 'Ode' for him! 

I hope all of the Needlepoint Stitchers out there are enjoying the line: thank you all for picking it up and happy stitching!

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