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New Things in the Works

I sometimes think its interesting to see what artists are working on.  Currently, I'm taking the rest of the month of July to work on a series based around my town of Greenville, South Carolina.  

All of these photos were taken by my super talented, wonderful friend, Kim Gibson.  She has such an elegant approach to photography, don't you think?  Plein Air Painting is such a pleasure, but is hard for me to squeeze in these days.  This morning was crisp and cool, and the Liberty Bridge in Downtown Greenville, SC is always a great subject to paint.  I hope to have a solid body of work inspired by Greenville by the month, so stay tuned! (And I have had so many inquires about this painting: it has sold already!) 

This summer I have strategically turned down some commissions that have come my way, but have also been entertaining more commercial projects. 

This is a hopeful collaboration with my friends over at Outside the Box for a commercial space they are helping with:

The sketch is supposed to represent a Tryptic of Building-like shapes floating in a loose atmosphere.  It made me remember just how much I love playing with paints on papers. 


I'm also working on a stationary suite for a friend's upcoming Baby Shower.

I order all my groceries from Mother Earth Produce: they are so awesome and deliver fruits, veggies, milk, bakery items, meats, and much more to your house in a bin every Saturday.  Did I mention that everything is organic and locally sourced? They have my heart.  They now have partnered with Lady Luck Farms for their flowers, and the flowers served as my inspiration for this project. 

I also have one more commercial project brewing: more on that as it evolves.  Its a really chic space, so of course I'm thrilled. 

I can not express just how thankful I am for good clients, and projects that find me.  I work so hard at my craft, and am thankful for people that appreciate what I do and enjoy my art.  Thank you all for following along with me on this journey of creativity. 


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