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Since quarantine has begun, I have just been trying to approach the canvas without any plans and see where the brush takes me. 

It has more of an intuitive painting process- my favorite way to come to the canvas. 

This has been a super stressful experience (for all of us!) and I'm so grateful to have my paintbrushes to carry me through it.  I do think this is some of my strongest work to date, so creative flow is one of the things many things I will be thankful for during this odd time. 

I hope wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are safe, healthy, finding joy in the small things, and trying to do something creative for yourself daily. 

The Landscape in my Head

Rouge Landscape

A Vivid Dreamer

You Heartbreaker 

A Muted Sketch

Emerald Isle

Tulips and Moss 

Sunshine Through Closed Eyes 

All I Ever Wanted

A Place in the Sun

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  • Lissa Marlette

    I love the paintings, Sunshine Through Closed Eyes and Tulips and Moss. I’d love to talk to you about purchasing these in the right size

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